Göbel - Vole self shot unit

Vole self shot unit
  • Vole self shot unit
  • Vole self shot unit
Göbel - Vole self shot unit
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Shooting device against voles

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Vole shooting device Vole self-shot

  • place the loaded self-shooting device with the muzzle in the exposed mouse tunnel
  • after a short time the mouse will try to close the passage again to keep out light and fresh air,
  • If the vole comes to check and presses against the trigger ring, the shot is released.
  • The high gas pressure of the blank cartridge works even through advanced soil.
  • In order for the firing mechanism to work reliably, it must be cleaned thoroughly after each use and maintained with gun oil.

    Due to the high gas pressure of the special cartridge, the vole's lungs are torn apart in a flash and it is killed immediately in accordance with animal protection


Age restriction : Delivery only from 18 years.

Please send us a copy of your identity card.


Age Level: Adult

Manufacturer: Göbel

EAN: 4029339709824
Order No.: 800076
Manufacturer Article No.: 70982

Weight: 0,60 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Vole self shot unit

Color: Golden
Material: Metal

Use: Outdoor, in Garden, Arable farming, Vegetable gardening, Fruit growing, Ornamental horticulture
Species: Vole

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