Göbel - Vole pliers claw trap with metal plates

Vole pliers claw trap with metal plates
Göbel - Vole pliers claw trap with metal plates
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Vole - pincer trap with positioning plates

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Vole pincer trap with small plates

  • with chained plates
  • easy to set up

The vole pincer trap is tightened by squeezing the handle and held apart by a small chained plate. If the vole runs against this metal plate, the trap snaps shut and the vole is killed between the two shackles. A bait is not needed and is not intended.

Application & yield of the vole pincer trap

Place the tensioned vole pincer trap from above into the vole exit and check regularly afterwards. Since voles are suspicious and immediately detect human smell, you should only handle the traps with gloves so that they remain odourless. It is best to rub the trap with the soil you intend to put it in before use.

The vole pincer trap strikes when a vole triggers the mechanism. The two serrated pincers kill voles on the spot. This trap should not be used when children or pets are using the garden. The trap can cause severe injuries. Its location should therefore always be marked so that no one accidentally steps into it.

It can be used immediately in the garden. There is no need to use gas, bait or poison. The vole pincer trap is very cheap and effective.

The pincer trap helps to protect the garden from voles.

Hunting the mole is not permitted.


Manufacturer: Göbel

EAN: 4029339719953
Order No.: 800070
Manufacturer Article No.: 71995

Weight: 0,50 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Vole pliers claw trap with metal plates

Color: Silver
Material: Metal

Use: Outdoor, in Garden, Arable farming, Vegetable gardening, Fruit growing, Ornamental horticulture
Species: Vole

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