Technovit - Technovit original 6091, 2 Pc / Pack

Technovit original, 2 Pack
Technovit - Technovit original 6091, 2 Pc / Pack
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Technovit Original, pack of 2

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Technovit 6091 Original, pack of 2 incl. accelerator

  • due to low outside temperatures the curing time of the adhesive is generally delayed in claw treatment systems with blocks or shoes
  • Technovit's accelerator offers the unique advantage of shortening this so-called polymerisation time by up to 50%.
  • as a problem solution in the colder months Technovit incl. accelerator is available

Due to its special properties, the fast-curing plastic Technovit 6091 is an indispensable universal aid in veterinary medicine and in hoof care and hoof treatment. In certain indication areas Technovit 6091 supports the therapy of the veterinary surgeon and shortens the otherwise often long treatment times considerably. In hoof care and hoof treatment, Technovit 6091 is mainly used in the following areas: Immobilization of hooves in inflammatory diseases, fixation of hoof tips, covering of hoof defects, horn clefts, shaping of the hoof, orthopedic hoof treatment, especially in foals (buck hoof, stilt foot).


Country of Manufacture: Romania

Manufacturer: Technovit

Attention! Dangerous goods!GHS02, GHS07, GHS08

EAN: 4018653160213
Order No.: 600048
Manufacturer Article No.: 1621

Weight: 0,52 kg
Packing units: 2 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Technovit original, 2 Pack

Use: Horses and horse breeding, Cattle Farming & Cattle
Species: Calves, Cows, Horses

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