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Wondering how sustainability and online shopping go together? Actually, not at all... But we do a lot to relieve the environment a little bit.

Our company puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability and the environment. We want to burden the environment as little as possible and therefore take many precautions.

Reuse of the boxes

If you are surprised that a used cardboard box arrives: that's the way we want it. We use every cardboard box we receive (as long as the condition allows it) several times. This way, we don't need a new box every time and thus use fewer resources. We tape the cartons back up once and then it's ready to go on its next journey. The less new packaging is put into circulation, the more the environment is happy.

Recyclable packaging 

And when we use new boxes, we use only recyclable cardboard and paper packaging. The filling paper we use is made of recycled paper. We only use plastic packaging if it came with received packages and we can reuse it. Also, we take great care to find the right boxes for the products to create as little packaging waste as possible (we don't pack nipple drinkers in an 80L box).

Central office packaging register

We fulfill our obligations and report the packaging we place on the market to the Central Packaging Register. We participate in the Interseroh dual system. In this way, we ensure that several tons of resources and greenhouse gases are saved each year. INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH supports us in this and, as a service provider, takes care of the packaging we put into circulation and the packaging waste it generates (see certificate at the bottom of the page).

Energy supply

On the roof of our warehouse will soon be a photovoltaic system, so we can enjoy an almost self-sufficient power supply. The energy obtained will be stored in a large reservoir, which is located in our warehouse. Thus, our electricity is produced by renewable energy and does not harm the environment. And if we still need electricity for it, we only get certified green electricity. Even our external server runs on electricity generated by hydroelectric power plants (see certificate at the bottom of the page). The lamps in our offices and warehouses are all LED lamps to save electricity.


In addition, we attach great importance to nature. We have consciously decided against some products to protect nature. We have taken products that contain glyphosate or neonicotinoids imidacloprid out of the range, because they represent a high risk for bees, for example.

Regional Products

We buy some of our products regionally here in Oldenburger Münsterland and pick them up ourselves. This prevents long delivery routes and protects the environment a little bit more.


Returns are a much-disputed topic. We handle this quite simply. When a return arrives, we inspect the product and decide on its condition. If the condition is perfect, the product is put back into the warehouse and can be sold again. As soon as the product shows signs of use or is no longer in its original packaging, the product is sold as "Used". Only if the product is defective, we throw it in the garbage. Through this process, much less waste occurs.


With the dispatch we also pay attention to a climate-friendly process. The majority of our packages are shipped with DHL Go Green, which means that all packages are sent climate neutral. The remaining packages are sent with DPD, these packages are also sent climate neutral. Except for the shipping companies that we have to hire from time to time, our shipping is completely climate neutral.

FSC seal

Some of our cartons have the FSC seal. It is an international certification seal for more sustainable forest management. The wood with FSC seal comes from forests that are managed more responsibly. We intend to use only cartons with the FSC seal in the near future.


In a few weeks, we will receive an electric car for errands and small errands. Our employees also try to contribute to environmental protection and often come to work by bicycle.

As you can see, we already contribute a lot to environmental protection. But there is always room for improvement and we are working on making our online store completely climate neutral.