Kerbl - RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)

RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)
  • RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)
  • RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)
  • RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)
  • RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)
Kerbl - RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)
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RatStop DF Cereal * 500 g (Difenacoum) - Ready-to-lay fresh bait from wheat grains

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Rat bait RatStop DF Cereal * 500 g - ready to use fresh bait

Active ingredient:(Difenacoum)

  • Ready to use fresh bait made from wheat grains
  • for the safe control of rats and mice in hygienic areas, such as landfills, as well as for all private and commercial areas that are not used for the storage of food or feed.
  • Active mixture attracts rats and mice

Approval No. DE: DE-2012-MA-14-00001-ab

Approval no. AT: AT/2012/Z/00020/14

Approval No. CH: CH-2012-0008

Grain baits are classic formulations. Particular attention should be paid to cereal baits as other food sources are more difficult to reach.

Difenacoum and bromadiolone are the best known 2nd generation active ingredients and have been used for years in households, communes and in agriculture for rat and mouse control. Secondary poisoning is not a source of danger with these two agents when used properly.

Proceed responsibly when using rodenticides and always carefully read the label and instructions for use of each product.

Bait application for all products:

  • against rats approx. 100 - 200 g / bait station every 10 - 20 m
  • against house mice approx. 20 g / bait station every 3 - 5 m
  • All products contain bittering agents to prevent ingestion by non-target organisms (e.g. children).
  • The rodents die of internal bleeding after 5 - 14 days.

* Use biocides safely! Always read label and product information before use!


Country of Manufacture: Belgium

Manufacturer: Kerbl

Drugs: Difenacoum

EAN: 4018653028810
Order No.: 800010
Manufacturer Article No.: 299537

Weight: 0,56 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 500 g

Model/Type: RatStop DF cereal 500 gr. (Difenacoum)

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