Kerbl - Rat bait Broma cereal 2500 Gr. (Bromadiolone)

Rattenköder Broma Cereal 2500 g (Bromadiolon) - Ratten Gift Köder
  • Rat bait Broma cereal 2500 Gr. (Bromadiolone)
  • Rat bait Broma cereal 2500 Gr. (Bromadiolone)
Kerbl - Rat bait Broma cereal 2500 Gr. (Bromadiolone)
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BromaCereal * rat bait 2500 g (Bromadiolone) - Auslegefertiger fresh baits out oatmeal

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BromaCereal * rat bait 2500 g (Bromadiolone)

  • Auslegefertiger fresh baits from oatmeal
  • secure against rats and mice in hygiene areas, such as garbage dumps, as well as for all residential and commercial areas that are not the storage of food or feed
  • Bromadiolone is characterized due to its high efficiency efficiency in combating rat
  • Oat flakes have a great appeal for pest rodents

With our new range of rodenticides, we offer an extensive selection of products with the most successful agents of the 2nd generation, which are currently available on the market.

• Grain bait are classic formulations. It is specifically for Getreidköder ensure that other food sources are more difficult to achieve.

Brodifacoum has a very high toxicity. It is very important to ensure that bait with this active ingredient from the bait station can be taken to protect non-target organisms from the recording. Also it is recommended to apply bait only in closed rooms to prevent secondary poisoning.

Difenacoum and Bromadiolone are the best known active ingredients of the second generation and used for years in the household, in municipalities and in agriculture for the rat and mouse control. Secondary poisoning are no hazard for these two ingredients used correctly.

Responsibly, proceed with the application of rodenticides and always carefully read the label and the instructions for use of the respective product.

Bait application for all products:

  • against rats approx. 100-200 g / bait station every 10-20 m
  • against House mice approx 20 g / bait station every 3-5 m
  • All products contain bitter substance to prevent the uptake by non-target organisms (E.g., children)
  • The harmful rodents die after 5-14 days at internal bleeding

* Use biocides safely! Read always label and product information before use!

Active ingredient: Bromadiolone


Manufacturer: Kerbl

Attention! Dangerous goods!GHS08

You need a competence certificate or a qualification certificate that entitles you to a purchase.
98/8/EG Art.22: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use!

Drugs: Bromadiolon

EAN: 4018653028940
Order No.: 800001
Manufacturer Article No.: 299550

Weight: 2,50 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 2,5 kg

Model/Type: Rat bait Broma cereal 2500 Gr. (Bromadiolone)

Color: Green

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