Kerbl - Poison for flies larvicide HokoEX 1000 g

Poison for flies larvicide HokoEX 1000 g
Kerbl - Poison for flies larvicide HokoEX 1000 g
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Fly poison Larvicide HokoEX 1000 g

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Flykiller Larvicide HokoEX* 1000 g

  • Larvicide HokoEX contains a growth disruptor which is specifically effective against all fly larvae.
  • is suitable for cattle, pig and poultry houses
  • Application rate for all methods: 250 g HokoEX per 10 m² fly breeding area

Spreading method: spread dry in wide cubes.
Spraying method: apply dissolved in 1 - 4 l water with a backpack sprayer
Watering method: apply dissolved in 10 l water with a watering can.
Treatment every 2 - 6 weeks depending on fly pressure, can also be applied in occupied stables.

Sufficient for up to 200 m² (5 kg)

What do flies have in common with an iceberg? You can only see 20 %! The remaining 80 % are found as eggs or larvae in the manure, in the dung or in similar places where they can develop into flies. It is therefore important to combat the fly problem at the root, i.e. at the larvae. Larvaricides should be applied throughout the season. Adulticides are directed against the adult fly but also against all crawling and flying insects!

Use biocides safely! Always read label and product information before use!

Active ingredient: Cyromazine


Manufacturer: Kerbl

Drugs: Cyromazin

EAN: 7640123350069
Order No.: 800111
Manufacturer Article No.: 299713

Weight: 1,20 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Poison for flies larvicide HokoEX 1000 g

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