VoleX - Mole wire trap Wolff

Mole wire trap Wolff
  • Mole wire trap Wolff
  • Mole wire trap Wolff
  • Mole wire trap Wolff
  • Mole wire trap Wolff
  • Mole wire trap Wolff
  • Mole wire trap Wolff
  • Mole wire trap Wolff
VoleX - Mole wire trap Wolff
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Wolff vole wire trap

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Vole wire trap VoleX Wolff

Setting up the Wolff wire trap:

The Wolff's wire trap has the advantage that there is no need for fine adjustment of the trigger, the passage does not have to be widened and during the follow-up inspection it is easy to see from the position of the spring arms whether the trap has already caught. After finding and opening the gear, do not widen the gear.

Place a piece of dandelion root, small carrot or similar bait on the downward pointing trigger wire of the trap. Then push the trap into the passage in a half-tensioned state up to the setting legs. Now the trap is fully tensioned. When tensioning the trap, the catching shackles are pressed sideways into the passage walls. The adjusting legs are held in place with the left hand, while with the right hand the angled leg of the rear vertical transmission wire is inserted through the eye at the top of the adjusting leg and held in place. With the right hand the rear high bent end of the trigger wire is now placed parallel behind the lower end of the transmission wire.

The trap is now set ready to catch.

It is advisable to underlay the rear part of the trap with a small clod of earth so that the trigger pin can move freely and is not locked in the ground.

The mouse only sees the trigger wire with the bait, grabs it with its teeth and is killed. If the trap is clogged with soil during the follow-up inspection, some mistake was made when setting it up. In cool weather, you can check the trap for the first time after about an hour or after setting about 10-15 traps.

Vole burrows with open tunnels are either uninhabited or inhabited by field mice.

The mole is useful, it is protected all year round according to the national protection of species, it may not be caught and killed.


Manufacturer: VoleX

EAN: 4018653099902
Order No.: 800079
Manufacturer Article No.: 299626

Weight: 0,11 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Mole wire trap Wolff

Color: Silver
Material: galvanized, Iron

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