Dr. Stähler - Mogeton ® Moss-free by Dr. Staehler, 900 g - 20 sachets containing per 45 g Moss remover - for months Moss-free lawn!

Mogeton ® Moss-free by Dr. Staehler, 900 g - 20 sachets containing per 45 g Moss remover - for months Moss-free lawn!
Dr. Stähler - Mogeton ® Moss-free by Dr. Staehler, 900 g - 20 sachets containing per 45 g Moss remover - for months Moss-free lawn!
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Mogeton ® Moss-free Moss Remover by Dr. Staehler eliminates Moss upholstery on ornamental lawn sustainably.
MOSS free lawn for months! 20 handy sachets containing per 45 g Moss remover.

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Mogeton ® Moss-free, 900 g, 20 x 45 g sachets Dr. Stähler

Mogeton Moss-free eliminates persistent Moss upholstery on ornamental lawn all season. Differently than when Moss removers iron salt based on the MOSS not only superficially resolves, but a depot inhibits the growth of MOSS on the soil surface remains at the same time. Episode: the lawn has enough time to overgrow the defects. Another advantage: Mogeton Moss-free goes stale the ground stop, what would further encourage the reintroduction of MOSS.

Active ingredient: 40 g / kg Quinoclamine

Hazard symbols: N, XI

No. 005095-00

The period of application of Mogeton for the reliable control of MOSS on lawns in the House and hobby garden is located between April and September.

High consumer appeal through the unique Mogeton principle:
The Mogeton principle is characterised by a low rate of: 1 sachets on 5 l water ranges in the casting process for 5 m m². It is an economical application by point treatment with long effect for months.

The application is very easy: simply drain cushions of MOSS in the lawn or spray.

There be no rust spots on unintentionally taken land and there will be no blistering and no acidification of the soil.

Instructions for use:
You need 9 g per m square from spring to summer (during the growing season, from approx. 15 ° C average temperature). An application of each culture and each year is maximum. 

An application for example together with herbicides is possible against broadleaf weeds on lawns.

Quantities and application:

The casting process is 1 portion bag (45 g) in 5 l water and MOSS m² poured about 5 m.

Spraying 1 portion bag (45 g) in 0,5 l of water is given and sprayed onto 5 m² Moss

The manufacturer recommends the application in the casting process.

Do not use on seed year of the lawn and in the year of treatment any crop/forage not feed (VV207).

The product takes about 10 to 14 days to develop the full effect. At the earliest after 10 days, but not before visible efficacy and remove and rake off the destroyed Moss, can to be sown grass!

Range of action: Deciduous and Liverworts are bekämpfbar.

Bee hazard:(B4) (NB6641) Bee safe

Used equipment thoroughly after use with water, apply soapy water on the previously treated area.

Latency Lawn: Without meaning (S)

Environmental behaviour

Up to the highest, the means are classified by the approval of fixed overhead amount or concentration, if a quantity is not intended, not bee-dangerous (B4) (NB6641).

Beneficial insects
The drug is considered amentata and palustris (wolf spiders) not harmful for the populations of the species Pardosa (NN130). The drug is classified as not harmful for the populations of the type Poecilus cupreus (ground beetles) (NN165). The drug is classified as weak damaging for the populations of the kind of Aleochara bilineata (short wing beetle) (NN260).

It is toxic to fish and fish growing animals (NW264).

Water plants
It is toxic for higher aquatic plants (NW265).

It is toxic to algae (NW262).

Water/ groundwater
The use of the product in or directly to surface waters or coastal waters is not allowed (article 6, paragraph 2 PflSchG). The minimum binding specified in accordance with national law, to surface waters is regardless to comply. Violators can fined up to an altitude of 50,000 euros will be prosecuted (NW642).

Store separately from food and animal feed, inaccessible for children and only in the closed original container.

Instructions for safe handling
To avoid risks to man and the environment, the instruction manual is to keep (SP001).

User protection
Avoid any unnecessary contact with the agent. Abuse can lead to health problems (SB001). Close-fitting protective goggles wear when the output/handling of the agent (SE1201). Application/handling of the agent (SS201) wear work clothes (at least long-sleeved shirt and long pants) and gloves. Use treated lawn as the playground and sunbathing area until after the next cut (SF243).
Ordinance on R 37: irritating to respiratory system. R 43: May cause sensitization by skin contact. R 50/53: Very toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the waters. S 2: Hands of children may not get into that. S 13: Keep away from foodstuffs, beverages and feed. S 23: Do not breathe fumes/aerosol. S 24: avoid contact with skin. S 35: Material and containers must be disposed in a safe way. S 36/37: wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. S 46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. S 51: Use only in well-ventilated areas. S 57: use appropriate container to avoid environmental contamination. Contains Propiconazole. Can cause allergic reactions. . The instruction manual is to comply to avoid risks to man and the environment.

-SP001 packaging must not be reused.


Manufacturer: Dr. Stähler

EAN: 4012879054356
Order No.: 810076
Manufacturer Article No.: 5435

Weight: 0,95 kg
Packing units: 20 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Mogeton ® Moss-free by Dr. Staehler, 900 g - 20 sachets containing per 45 g Moss remover - for months Moss-free lawn!

Use: in Garden

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