Milkivit - Milkivit quick-mix - 10 kg

Milkivit quick-mix - 10 kg
Milkivit - Milkivit quick-mix - 10 kg
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Milkivit Quick-Mix - 10 kg

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Milkivit Quick-Mix, 10 kg

Milkivit Quick-Mix is a liquid supplement for whole milk calf feeders with vitamins (A, D3, E, K3, B vitamins) and trace elements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Co, Se).

Calves fed exclusively with whole milk often show deficiencies in the supply of essential trace elements and vitamins. In practice, especially whole milk calves tend to suckle each other and gnaw the stalls. The extremely low iron and selenium content in whole milk can also lead to a higher susceptibility to calf flu.

The use of Qick-Mix leads to a faster digestion of the whole milk drinker and thus relieves the digestive process. The supplement sustainably increases the iron, selenium and trace element supply, whereby the high bioavailability of the iron (II) lactate is particularly noteworthy. Overall, the fitness of the calves is supported and an improved defence against calf flu is achieved through high contents of important vitamins. The danger of cerebral cortex necrosis ("stargazer disease") is reduced by the high content of B vitamins. One stroke (5 ml) of vitamins and trace elements should be given in the drinker per meal. Milkivit Quick-Mix contains two dosing units for trace elements and vitamins.


Manufacturer: Milkivit

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Weight: 10,50 kg
Packing units: 2 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 10 kg

Model/Type: Milkivit quick-mix - 10 kg