SANA - Milk filter SANA 250 sewn

Milchfilter neutral 250, genäht
  • Milk filter SANA 250 sewn
  • Milk filter SANA 250 sewn
  • Milk filter SANA 250 sewn
SANA - Milk filter SANA 250 sewn
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Milk filter SANA 250, sewn

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Milk filter SANA 250 sewn

  • good milk flow
  • optimal filter effect
  • high tear resistance when wet
  • 250 x 57
  • 80 gram

Filter bags for tubular milking systems


To filter the milk, the filter hose is pulled over the spiral, the perforated plate or the bar grid.

The milk is pressed from the outside to the inside by the pressure of the system and is filtered in the process.


Non-woven fabric made of a viscose-polyester mixture with a basis weight of 80 g/m².

The longitudinal and transverse seams are sewn together.


The nonwoven fabric used is particularly suitable as it ensures good milk flow. Even with moisture, the nonwoven has a high wet tensile strength. The filters are carefully sewn together and are very stable due to the high weight per unit area.

The raw materials used are BGA-approved.

The filter bags are certified with the RAL quality mark "knife and fork" No. D-40.


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: SANA

EAN: 4018653466810
Order No.: 3000251
Manufacturer Article No.: 46681

Weight: 1,00 kg
Packing units: 250 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: SANA milk filter 250 sewn
Length : 25 cm

Color: White
Material: Viscose-Polyester-Gemisch

Use: Dairy Industry
Species: Cows

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