Knabe - Handle 26 cm

Hammerstiel 26 cm aus Esche
  • Handle 26 cm
  • Handle 26 cm
Knabe - Handle 26 cm
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Hammer handle 26 cm ash

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Hammer handle 26cm, ash wood with 5mm hole

handle for hammer made of ash-wood with 26 cm handle length

  • made of ash wood
  • with 5 mm hole

Ash is a very hard, frequently used type of wood for hammer handles. The wood fibres run straight along the entire length of the handle, which is very important to ensure extra stability.

Tip: How to make the hammer fit perfectly

It is best to leave your newly purchased hammer handle in dry air for at least a week, e.g. in a boiler room or directly on a radiator. After that, you can hammer the handle onto the hammer. The higher the humidity after hammering in, the tighter it will sit.


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Type of Wood: Ash-Tree

Manufacturer: Knabe

EAN: 4018282005114
Order No.: 100551
Manufacturer Article No.: 511

Weight: 2,00 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Handle 26 cm
Length : 26 cm

Material: wood

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