- Halter with Rope 3.00 m, large loop

Halter rope poly 3.00 m, large loop - Halter with Rope 3.00 m, large loop
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Polytau with large loop 3.00 m to tie halter.

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Poly halter rope 3.00 m, large loop

  • Poly rope with large loop 3.00 m
  • to tie halters
  • PP binding rope
  • 4 shafts

Binding ropes are indispensable wherever something needs to be quickly and easily tied together or provisionally fastened. On construction sites, for example, they can be used to tie down dust and wind protection tarpaulins or to secure light objects such as empty buckets, ladders or painting utensils for transport.
In agriculture, binding ropes are particularly suitable for tying up animals, but also for the many small jobs that arise around the house and farm, for example to temporarily repair a loose garden gate or to secure empty fruit crates and other equipment.
However, hyphens are still popular everyday aids in private use as well.
For example, if you always have a cord in your car, you can use it to quickly fix the boot lid if it can no longer be closed completely when transporting large objects.


Country of Manufacture: Germany


EAN: 4260256460577
Order No.: 500007
Manufacturer Article No.: 24413012GS

Weight: 0,70 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Halter rope poly 3.00 m, large loop
Length : 3 m
Width: 12 mm

Color: White
Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Use: Horses and horse breeding, Cattle Farming & Cattle
Species: Calves, Cows, Horses

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