SANA - Filter discs 240 mm

SANA Filterscheiben Kannenvliesfilter 240 mm von Kerbl
  • Filter discs 240 mm
  • Filter discs 240 mm
  • Filter discs 240 mm
SANA - Filter discs 240 mm
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Jug fleece filter 200 sheets in carton, filter discs 240 mm

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SANA jug fleece filter Filter discs 240 mm

  • 200 sheets in carton
  • for milk jug filters
  • high quality, food safe fleece material
  • neutral packaging


    The non-woven sheet is inserted between the filter inserts in the milk filter device.
    The milk is filtered as it passes through into the jug.
    Wet nonwoven made of 100 % viscose with 25 g/m² basis weight.
    The lower density per unit area allows the milk to pass through particularly quickly, so that possible waiting times for further filling are reduced. The great stability of the nonwoven ensures easy insertion and removal from the filter unit.


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: SANA

EAN: 4050358198573
Order No.: 300038
Manufacturer Article No.: 46762

Weight: 0,37 kg
Packing units: 200 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Filter discs 240 mm
Diameter: 24 cm

Color: White
Material: Viscose

Use: Dairy Industry
Species: Cows

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