Eider - Fence battery device BE 150

Fence battery device BE 150
  • Fence battery device BE 150
  • Fence battery device BE 150
Eider - Fence battery device BE 150

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Electric fence BE 150 by EIDER - for small fences without vegetation compact herding device

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Electric fence battery unit EIDER BE 150

The right pasture fence battery device for small pasture fences / fence systems and electric fences without vegetation. For 9 volt batteries (large housing) with control lamps for fence voltage and battery voltage. Robust and weatherproof housing, made of high quality plastic.

Pasture fence battery unit with fence connection cable and ground rod. Made in Germany.

  • modern technology
  • high output power
  • low power consumption
  • easy handling
  • 12 Volt operation possible
  • splash-proof
  • radio interference suppressed

Product details

supply voltage 9 Volt dry cell battery

Output voltage (no-load) 8.000 V

Voltage at 500 Ohm (animal contact) 2.000 V

Charge energy (Joule) 0.15 max.

Discharge energy (joules) 0.11

current consumption 13-17 mA

max. fence length according to VDE (2.000 Volt minimum voltage) 3 km

max. fence length without vegetation 1.2 km

max. fence length with medium vegetation 0.1 km


Country of Manufacture: Germany

optical indicator lights: Yes

Splash-proof: Yes

Supply voltage: 9 Volt dry cell battery

Output voltage (no-load): 8000 V

Electricity consumption: 13-17 mA

Charging energy (joules): 0,15 J

max. discharge energy (joules) : 0,11 J

Tension at animal touch: 2000 V

Max. fence length according to VDE: 3 km

Max. fence length without vegetation: 1,2 km

max. fence length medium vegetation: 0,1 km

Manufacturer: Eider

EAN: 4038704002330
Order No.: 900000
Manufacturer Article No.: 0233-000

Weight: 2,86 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Fence battery device BE 150

Color: Red

Use: Horses and horse breeding, Cattle Farming & Cattle, Sheeps, Goats, Pigs

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