Fence battery device BE 150

Fence battery device BE 150
  • Fence battery device BE 150
  • Fence battery device BE 150
Fence battery device BE 150

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Fence battery device BE 150 of Eider - for small fences without vegetation.

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Fence battery device Eider BE 150

The correct battery device for small animal fence / fencing without vegetation. For 9 volt batteries (large body) with indicator lights for fence voltage and battery voltage. Rugged and weatherproof housing made from high-quality plastic.

Fence cable with Earth stake. Manufactured in Germany.

  • modern technology
  • high output power
  • low power consumption
  • ease of use
  • 12V operation possible
  • splash proof
  • radio interference suppression
  • 2 years warranty

Product details

Power supply 9V dry cell battery

Output voltage (idle) 8,000 V

Voltage at 500 ohm (animal contact) 2,000 V

Charging energy (JOULE) 0.15 max.

Discharge stored energy (JOULE) 0.11

Power consumption 13-17 mA

maximum fence length ACC. to VDE (2,000 volts Mindeststpannung) 3 km

maximum fence length without vegetation 0.7 miles

maximum fence length medium vegetation 0.1 miles


Manufacturer: Eider

EAN: 4038704002330
Order No.: 900000
Manufacturer Article No.: 0233-000

Weight: 2,86 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Fence battery device BE 150

Color: Red

Use: Horses and horse breeding, Cattle Farming & Cattle, Sheeps, Goats, Pigs

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