Eider - Fence battery cowboy 10.5 volt original

Cowboy Batterie 10,5 Volt Original
  • Fence battery cowboy 10.5 volt original
  • Fence battery cowboy 10.5 volt original
Eider - Fence battery cowboy 10.5 volt original
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Pasture Fence Battery Cowboy 10.5 Volt Original

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Pasture fence battery Cowboy 10,5 Volt Turbo Original from Eider

Dry zinc-carbon batteries

the right quality battery for every fencer

  • incl. earthing plate

  • suitable for electric fencers Bullenschreck B5

  • Voltage 10,5 Volt

  • Description battery, round, green "Turbo

  • Power 100 Ah /640 Wh

Our batteries are environmentally friendly, i.e. they contain 0% cadmium and 0% mercury.

Dry cell batteries are disposable batteries that are disposed of after they have been drained. You can simply return the discharged batteries to your retailer after use.

Dry cell batteries are the most commonly used batteries as they can be easily and quickly replaced without much effort and last up to 2 years (grazing periods) depending on use and application.

All 9 volt dry cell batteries are air-oxygen batteries, meaning they require oxygen to develop energy.

Before use, be sure to remove the label to close the air inlets.

If the battery is not used for a longer period of time, close the air inlets again and store the battery in a dry and cool place.


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Battery Type: dry battery

Battery voltage in volts: 10,5

Power in AH: 100

Manufacturer: Eider

EAN: 4038704000053
Order No.: 900031
Manufacturer Article No.: 0005-000

Weight: 4,40 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Fence battery cowboy 10.5 volt original

Colors: Black, Green

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