Göbel - Fence battery 9 volt 75 AH, alkaline

Weidezaun Batterie 9 Volt 75 AH, Alkaline
  • Fence battery 9 volt 75 AH, alkaline
  • Fence battery 9 volt 75 AH, alkaline
Göbel - Fence battery 9 volt 75 AH, alkaline
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Pasture fence battery 9 Volt 75 AH, type alkaline, naturally mercury and cadmium free

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Electric Fence Battery 9 Volt 75 AH, Alkaline

Advantages of alkaline batteries:

  • higher battery voltage (volts) (on average 2 V higher than zinc-carbon batteries during operation on a pasture fence device
  • better discharge characteristics
  • constant voltage until end of life
  • 33% more power at the same nominal capacity compared to zinc-carbon batteries (see points 1 and 2). This means that alkaline batteries supply the electric fence with up to 30% more power than zinc-carbon batteries. Alkaline batteries have a significantly longer life than zinc-carbon batteries and are therefore ultimately cheaper.
  • Less sensitivity to low temperatures. Alkaline batteries work down to temperatures of -20°, whereas zinc-carbon batteries only work down to -5°. At temperatures around 6° (spring, autumn) the alkaline battery loses less voltage (V) than the zinc-carbon battery and therefore has a longer life.
  • Alkaline batteries have up to 50% less weight compared to the zinc-carbon battery with the same power, thus protecting the environment, reducing manufacturing and transport costs.
  • Alkaline batteries have up to 40% less volume, these smaller dimensions reduce transportation and storage costs and the batteries are easier for consumers to handle.


  • 75 Ah
  • 9 Volt
  • small case
  • mercury free
  • cadmium free


Country of Manufacture: Spain

Battery Type: dry battery

Battery voltage in volts: 9

Power in AH: 75

Manufacturer: Göbel

EAN: 4029339105725
Order No.: 900026
Manufacturer Article No.: 10572

Weight: 1,74 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Fence battery 9 volt 75 AH, alkaline
Length : 162 mm
Width: 109 mm
Height: 112 mm

Color: Black

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