Brockmanns - Embroko banks 15 kg

Embroko banks 15 kg
  • Embroko banks 15 kg
  • Embroko banks 15 kg
Brockmanns - Embroko banks 15 kg
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Grundpreis: €1,662.67 pro 1 Liter
Effective dog food Embroko

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Embroko banks 15 kg

On the basis of the present knowledge level in animal nutrition ensures effective dog tag EMBROKO well-being, vitality and motivation of your dog through a balanced supply of nutrients.

• much meat with nutritionally valuable protein

• full aufgeschlossene, highly digestible grains

• Mineral substances, trace elements and vitamins

Through effective dog EMBROKO your dog is supplied with all essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Vitality and zest for life be maintained and avoid dietary deficiencies.

Ingredients (in %):

Crude protein, crude fat, crude fibre, crude ash, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium

25.00; 9.00; 3.00; 7.00; 1.40; 1.00; 0.16;

Additives (per kg):

Vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E biotin zinc sulfate copper II sulfate

20,000 I.E.; 2,000 I.E; 75 mg; 250 mcg; 65 mg; 5 mg

Energy content:

kJ/100 g 1550


Manufacturer: Brockmanns

EAN: 4025591434115
Order No.: 200056
Manufacturer Article No.: 943411

Weight: 15,00 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 15 kg

Model/Type: Embroko banks 15 kg

Species: Dogs