Brockmanns - Effective Knirp - 2.5 kg

Effective Knirp - 2.5 kg
  • Effective Knirp - 2.5 kg
  • Effective Knirp - 2.5 kg
Brockmanns - Effective Knirp - 2.5 kg
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Grundpreis: €3,340.00 pro 1 Liter
Brockmanns Knirp 2,5 kg with amino acids for pigeons

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Brockmanns Knirp 2,5 kg

BROCKMANNS KNIRP with amino acids for pigeons

BROCKMANNS KNIRP is a mineral feed for pigeons of all breeds (racing pigeons, racing pigeons) and has been a household name among successful racing pigeon keepers for decades.

BROCKMANNS KNIRP has been developed according to nutritional and physiological findings from practice and science and, in addition to all vital minerals, trace elements and vitamins, also contains the essential amino acids {lysine}and methionine.

BROCKMANNS KNIRP contains, among other things, highly utilisable oyster shells and quartz grit in an animal-friendly sieving degree which promotes mechanical processing and comminution of the feed in the gizzard.


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: Brockmanns

EAN: 4025591321415
Order No.: 400017
Manufacturer Article No.: 943211

Weight: 2,60 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 2,5 kg

Model/Type: Effective Knirp - 2.5 kg

Use: Poultry
Species: Pigeons

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