Multiflex - Ear forceps Multflex, grey usage

Ear forceps Multflex, grey usage
Multiflex - Ear forceps Multflex, grey usage
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Ear tag pliers MultiFlex with grey insert

Delivery Time: 2-3 Tage

MultiFlex pliers

  • with grey insert
  • for pulling in the Multiflex ear tags

Multi-Flex ear tagging - lightning fast and hassle-free!

The MULTIFLEX ear tag represents the contemporary development in animal identification. In practical use (wear test), with different animal species, the fullyflexible ear tag has been proven to have good durability, with at the same time very low loss rates and high animal friendliness. The exclusive use of polyurethane as raw material makes the MULTIFLEX ear tag an extremely durable and efficient product.

The used and patented hard crown point (HKS) is a special feature of the ear tag. This extremely sharp spike tip enables easy pre-piercing with simultaneous tightening and fixing of the ear skin. This, and the integrated crown punching, provide the best conditions for an animal-friendly ear piercing. The air holes in the shaft of the spine ensure fast healing by forced ventilation of the wound. At the same time, the air holes serve as a predetermined breaking point in case of pulling manipulations. A separation of the ear tag is no longer possible. Thus, according to the current state of knowledge, a maximum of manipulation safety can be guaranteed.


Country of Manufacture: Netherlands

Manufacturer: Multiflex

EAN: 4018653020968
Order No.: 700816
Manufacturer Article No.: 2096

Weight: 0,58 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Ear forceps Multflex, grey usage

Use: Pigs
Species: Pigs

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