Mera - Dog biscuits finely made

Dog biscuits finely made
Mera - Dog biscuits finely made
Finely done by Mera
Amount of feed

Small dogs: 3 to 5 pieces per day

Medium dogs: 5 to 8 units per day

Big Dogs: 12 to 15 pieces per day
We recommend:

Please consider the above feeding recommendation only as a guide for a balanced, demand-oriented nutrition of your dog. These figures were calculated according to the latest scientific findings, but necessarily must be adapted to individual needs of your dog. Because a single number can be impossible all individual differences and conditions such as race, age and size of the dog, motion performance, environmental factors (weather, summer, winter) etc. to meet.

Cool and dry place all Meradog products to ensure the quality of our products throughout the duration of the shelf life.

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Finely done by Mera


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