Kerbl - Cattle stunner Blitz Kerner - bolt gun version 2019 bolt gun Turbocut

Viehbetäubungsapparat Blitz Version 2019
Kerbl - Cattle stunner Blitz Kerner - bolt gun version 2019 bolt gun Turbocut
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Cattle stunner lightning

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Cattle stunner lightning - bolt gun

New improved version 2019

  • Safety guard above the trigger
  • Use of the "Cartridge Security System" (ignition only possible with approved cartridges) according to C.I.P. specifications
  • Exit length of the firing pin: 82 mm
  • bolt velocity depending on cartridge selected: 42 - 49 m/s (+/- 2 m/s)

The proven functions are still

  • approved as animal stunner by the physical-technical federal institute Braunschweig in Germany (PTB No. 3-69)
  • nickel-plated, high-quality design in solid construction
  • solid screw connection ensures a secure fit of the locking piece
  • protection against unintentional loosening of the head piece during firing
  • low recoil due to particularly stable design
  • safety against unintentional firing by releasing the firing pin only after the trigger has been fully depressed
  • The hexagon prevents accidental rolling of the apparatus onto the release lever
  • The penetration of the bolt additionally triggers a pressure wave, which directly and immediately results in a safe stunning of the animal. Thus the animal can be slaughtered without pain.
  • indestructible with reinforced springs for rough use
  • caliber 9x17 mm with center fire


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: Kerbl

EAN: 4018653212516
Order No.: 700689
Manufacturer Article No.: 21251

Weight: 2,40 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack

Model/Type: Cattle stunner Blitz

Material: Metal

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