Göbel - Beech wood tar - 5 kg

Dickflüssiger & hochwertiger Buchenholzteer 5 kg
Göbel - Beech wood tar - 5 kg
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Beech wood tar 5 kg. Suitable as an attractant for wild boar and red deer and as a tried and tested remedy for hoof care and claw care.

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Thick & high quality beech wood tar 5 kg

Beech wood tar is a tried and tested hoof and claw care product and a cheap and very effective attractant for sows, wild boar and red deer. It is applied to suitable trees at a height of approx. 50-100cm.

  • is also used against browsing by game
  • Beech wood tar is also used to combat parasites.

You will be surprised how quickly the well-tried beech wood tar with its unique attracting effect (Kirrung) attracts the game. And the scent of the beech wood tar can be heard by the game over a long distance, even weeks after it has been painted. Red deer also use trees coated with beech wood tar as scratching and scouring trees.

Against thrush! Hoof & claw care for horses before the grazing season:

Brush the soles of the hooves with beech wood tar (hence also called hoof tar) once a week for 2-3 months before the grazing season, and impregnate with it weekly thereafter if the pasture is wet and deep in places and there is no opportunity to move. The bacteria that cause thrush remain for a very long time in the areas of the pasture that have been trodden through (at the water point, at the gate). The water barrel should therefore be moved frequently.


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: Göbel

Attention! Dangerous goods!GHS07

EAN: 4029339306436
Order No.: 600046
Manufacturer Article No.: 30643

Weight: 5,51 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 5 kg

Model/Type: Beech wood tar - 5 kg

Use: Horses and horse breeding, Wild Animals
Species: Horses, Red Deer, Wild Boars

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