Balsavit - Balsavit milking cream - 5000 ml

Balsavit milking cream - 5000 ml
Balsavit - Balsavit milking cream - 5000 ml
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Balsavit milking ointment - 5000 ml

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Balsavit milking ointment, 5000 ml

For the care and protection of the skin

Teats and udders are especially stressed by machine milking. Therefore, care with a suitable milking ointment is of great importance. Due to its panthenol and allantoin content, Balsavit Milking Ointment is particularly suitable for protecting and caring for stressed skin.

Balsavit Milking Ointment

  • supports hygienic measures during milking
  • cares for the teats and the stressed skin of the milker,
  • covers teats and udder with a thin protective layer against external influences,
  • additional protection is achieved by covering the teat tip,
  • is exquisitely and durably slippery,
  • facilitates the milking process by hand and machine,
  • has no influence on the smell and taste of the milk,
  • has no inhibitory effect on cheese-technically important bacteria,
  • is at the same time an ideal hand cream.

Ointment for external use on the udder. For preventive udder care, rub evenly into the udder before and after milking.
Ingredients : D-panthenol, allantoin and glycerine.


Country of Manufacture: Germany

Manufacturer: Balsavit

EAN: 4040342010516
Order No.: 300219
Manufacturer Article No.: 860SA0000500002

Weight: 5,10 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 5 Liter

Model/Type: Balsavit milking cream - 5000 ml

Use: Dairy Industry
Species: Cows

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