Mastavit - Algo clear special disinfectant

Algo clear special disinfectant
Mastavit - Algo clear special disinfectant
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Algo clear special disinfectant - eliminates algae, Moss, mushrooms and any green coverings in home and garden

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Algo clear special disinfectant

Eliminates algae, Moss, mushrooms and any green coverings in home and garden

High cleaning power! Universally applicable!

Purpose: ALGO CLEAR special effectively eliminates algae and MOSS growth and sustainably prevents the formation.

Area of application: ALGO CLEAR special can on all washable surfaces, such as wood, concrete, walls, bricks, paving slabs, stones and plastics are used.

Application amount: ALGO CLEAR specialty will be diluted with water (1 L 19 L water = 5%) applied as needed. The concentration can be increased further what is necessary only in rare cases and with strong green.

Note: ALGO CLEAR special is not suitable for busy Aquarium tank and ponds. ALGO CLEAR special has no significant corrosion effect and no effect on paints.

Note: Under lock and key and for children keep out of reach. Contains: didecyldimethylammonium chloride / Propan-2-ol, solution of turpentine oil

Instructions: By simple application of ALGO CLEAR special on the area occupied with algae or MOSS is achieved an excellent long-lasting effect. Use not immediately before or after rain. A safety waiting period between applications is not required.

Content: liquid concentrate for dilution

Disposal: Container completely rest emptied for the recyclable material collection to lead to. The reuse of packaging is prohibited.

Active ingredients: ALGO CLEAR contain special in each 100 ml: 6,14 g didecyldimethylammonium chloride

R & S phrases: Causes burns. May cause sensitization by skin contact. Do not breathe vapour / aerosol. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water. Material and containers must be disposed in a safe way. Wear suitable protective clothing, protective gloves, and eye/face protection. Case of accident or illness immediately consult a doctor (if possible, show this label). Use only in well ventilated areas.

Corrosive C:

98/8/EC art. 22: use biocides safely. Read always label and product information before use.


Manufacturer: Mastavit

EAN: 4040342081028
Order No.: 200785
Manufacturer Article No.: 8102

Weight: 1,00 kg
Packing units: 1 Pieces / Pack
Contents of the package: 1 Liter

Model/Type: Algo clear special disinfectant